Earlier I was NOT COMFORTABLE in doing comedy shows, says Ram Kapoor

Updated: 13 Feb 2018 07:51 PM
Mumbai: TV actor Ram Kapoor, who is exploring the comedy genre for the first with the upcoming television show "Comedy High School", says he is going out of his comfort zone and that it is such new challenges which keep him motivated as a performer.

Ram, known for shows like "Ghar Ek Mandir", "Kasamh Se" and "Bade Achhe Lagte Hain", told IANS: "This is the first time I am doing comedy in television and we all know that making people laugh is tough. In this show, I am going out of my comfort zone and that is challenging. For me, as an actor, new challenges keep me motivated, and help me explore more."

"Though I was offered comedy shows earlier, I did not feel comfortable doing them. In this show, I am not only comfortable with the producer and creative team of writers, with whom I share a long-time relationship, but also for the fact that it is a clean comedy show.

"My children can watch it along with me. There are no dirty jokes or a double meaning word used. There is a lot of madness and there are loud jokes, but all in good humour," he said.

"Comedy High School" is coming on the newly launched channel Discovery Jeet from February 17. The story of the show revolves around Ram's character, a school principal who deals with a bunch of crazy staff and students.

In each episode, one celebrity is invited to resolve their problem and they end up becoming a part of the craziness.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will appear in the first episode of the show, followed by celebrities like Sunny Leone and Anu Malik.


On the set of comedy high school with the legend himself.

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On the set of comedy high school on discovery JEET

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