Jeep Compass Prices Increase Post GST Cess Hike

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Updated: 16 Sep 2017 06:30 PM

Prices of other Jeep and Fiat vehicles that fall under SUV, mid-size and luxury car categories have also been increased

Jeep’s most-affordable and best-selling model in India, the Compass, is now more expensive than before. The recent revision in cess rates for SUVs, mid-size and luxury cars has resulted in an increase in the ex-showroom price of the most affordable variant of the petrol-powered Compass by Rs 21,000 going up to Rs 72,000 for the most expensive diesel variant. The pre- and post-GST cess hike prices of the Jeep Compass are as follows:  


Ex-showroom prices (pre-GST cess hike)

Ex-showroom prices (post-GST cess hike)



Compass Sport

Rs 14.95 lakh

Rs 15.16 lakh

Rs 21,000

Compass Limited AT

Rs 18.70 lakh

Rs 18.96 lakh

Rs 26,000

Compass Limited AT (O)

Rs 19.40 lakh

Rs 19.67 lakh

Rs 27,000


Compass Sport

Rs 15.45 lakh

Rs 15.99 lakh

Rs 54,000

Compass Longitude

Rs 16.45 lakh

Rs 17.03 lakh

Rs 58,000

Compass Longitude (O)

Rs 17.25 lakh

Rs 17.85 lakh

Rs 60,000

Compass Limited

Rs 18.05 lakh

Rs 18.68 lakh

Rs 63,000

Compass Limited (O)

Rs 18.75 lakh

Rs 19.41 lakh

Rs 66,000

Compass Limited 4x4

Rs 19.95 lakh

Rs 20.65 lakh

Rs 70,000

Compass Limited 4x4 (O)

Rs 20.65 lakh

Rs 21.37 lakh

Rs 72,000

The GST Council has raised the cess over GST for SUV segment by 7 per cent, making it the highest taxed passenger vehicle category at 50 per cent now. For mid-size cars, the hike in cess is 2 per cent, and for luxury cars, it is 5 per cent. For a more detailed report on the increase in cess over GST head to our main story.

The price differential post cess hike for the Compass clarifies that its petrol variants fall under the mid-size car category while the diesel variants belong to the luxury car category. It also means that the Compass’ ground clearance is less than 170mm, otherwise its diesel variants would have fallen under SUV category. Going by SIAM’s rule book, a vehicle falls under the SUV category if it ticks the following three conditions:

  1. Length over 4m

  2. Ground clearance over 170mm

  3. Engine displacement over 1500cc

The petrol Compass draws power from a 1368cc engine while the diesel Compass gets a 1956cc engine. Interested to know more about the Compass? Read our review.

The prices of other Fiat and Jeep vehicles have also been increased. The hike in prices of Fiat vehicles ranges from Rs 9,000 to Rs 14,000, while that of the CBU Jeep SUVs is between Rs 2.75 lakh and Rs 6.40 lakh.

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