Day after RLSP chief warns of violence against NDA's ‘vote loot’, ex-MLA seen brandishing gun at press conference

On Tuesday, the opposition 'Mahagathbandhan' in Bihar alleged that attempts were being made to manipulate Lok Sabha poll results in favor of the ruling NDA, and warned that "blood may spill on the streets" on account of "tremendous public anger".

Day after RLSP chief Upendra Kushwaha warns of violence against vote loot, ex-MLA seen brandishing gun at press conference
By: ABP News Bureau
Updated: 22 May 2019 07:07 PM
PATNA: A day after RLSP chief and former Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha warned that blood may spill on the streets if attempts were made to manipulate Lok Sabha poll results in favour of the ruling NDA, rebel RJD leader Ramchandra Yadav was seen brandishing a gun during a press conference in support of Kushwaha’s statement.

During the press conference, RJD’s rebel leader Ram Chandra Yadav said “Democracy is in danger. In order to save it, we should be ready to shoot. If leaders of the 'Mahagathbandhan' like Tejaswi Yadav, Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav and Mamta Banerjee order us, then we are ready to pick up guns and shoot in the streets.”

Later, police conducted raids at Ramchandra Yadav’s residence after his press conference with weapons.  In the Lok Sabha election, Yadav is contesting from Bihar's Buxar parliamentary constituency as an independent candidate.

On Tuesday at a joint press conference, which was addressed by Upendra Kushwaha, RJD state president Ramchandra Purve, state Congress president Madan Mohan Jha and other leaders of the Grand Alliance, they alleged exit polls prediction of NDA winning 30 or more seats in Bihar out of 40 was misleading and aimed at causing demoralization among our cadres, with a mala fide intent.

"Earlier, we used to hear about booth loot. This time, it is suspected that attempts may be made to loot the results. These could be through manipulation of the EVMs or any other measures at the counting centres. The leaders of the NDA are hereby warned not to indulge in such a misadventure. There is tremendous public anger and blood may spill on the streets, for which we shall not be held responsible," Kushwaha told reporters.

"The exit polls appear to have been a step in this direction. We have all toured the state during elections and can say, without any hesitation, that we are set to win most of the seats in the state. Such has been the public response in favour of the Mahagathbandhan," he said.

"In moments of desperation people pick up arms. The NDA must take care that things do not reach a flashpoint. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for the consequences," he added.