Lok Sabha Elections: Here's a look at how top 5 political parties fared in the 2014 polls

BJP tasted a thumping victory in 2014 general elections, reducing Congress to 44 seats, which emerged second in the race, followed by AIADMK, TMC and BJD.

Lok Sabha Elections: Here's a look at how the major parties fared in the 2014 national polls
Image: PTI
By: ABP News Bureau
Updated: 10 Mar 2019 01:25 PM
New Delhi: As the time of electioneering for the Parliamentary polls is approaching, the political parties have become busy formulating strategies and forming alliances. In many states, the poll bugle has already been sounded and the current scenario is marked with rallies, speeches and public meetings by the key players of this election.

Ahead of the crucial polls, here is looking back at how the prominent parties fared in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Major Alliances:

The two major alliances that dominate the political landscape of India are UPA and NDA. In the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies, NDA had clinched a whopping 336 seats, while the ruling UPA had to taste a debacle with only 60 seats. Others got 147 seats.

Seats won by different parties

BJP, Congress, AIADMK, TMC and BJP emerged as the top players in the 2014 polls. BJP alone secured 282 seats. The Congress slid down to 44 seats, but managed to be the second largest party. AIADMK emerged third in the national race with 37 seats. TMC and BJP got 34 and 20 seats respectively.

Vote percentage:

17 crore votes went to BJP alone, while 11 crore votes went to Congress. BSP got 2 crore, CPM 2 crore and NCP 86 lakh.

In terms of percentage, BJP secured 31.3% votes, Congress won 19.5%, ADMK got 3.3%, AITC 3.9% while BJD secured 1.7% votes.

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections marked the end of the decade-long UPA rule and witnessed a clear majority for BJP under Modi wave.

The voter turnout was 66.4% of the 83,41,01,479 electors