How to scrub away stress this Diwali!

By: ABP News Bureau
Updated: 18 Oct 2017 04:55 PM
Diwali is so much about the overnight card parties, shopping in crowded markets, sweating and cooking delicacies, visiting the loved ones and attending guests, celebrating the festive flavour in Diwali melas and get together with family and friends. So much of commotion and running around takes a toll on your skin with a need to de knot the tired muscles. Vibha Khanna Rastogi, Owner Sawadhee Thai Traditional Spa gives a low down on how to scrub away the stress and regain the rejuvenated self post festivities 


Chocolate Delight Scrub


If you know the basics that what you apply on your skin is absorbed as food by the skin. Now chocolates are rich in antioxidant properties that help to fight free radicals. Choclate scrub also helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, soft, glowing and basking in the aromas of chocolate for a purely enticing chocolate spa experience. The scrub is good ideal of extra sensitive skin.


[caption id="attachment_593344" align="alignnone" width="448"] Vibha Khanna Rastogi, Owner Sawadhee Thai Traditional Spa.[/caption]


 Aromatic Jasmine Sugar Scrub

Jasmine flower is often associated with love and romance. Jasmine is antidepressant and wears away the fatigue and stress giving ultimate relaxation with its aroma. The healing, hydrating properties found in sugar  are perfect for all skin types. This scrub is healing and used for gentle exfoliation. It is  good for couple spa experience. This scrub leaves your skin soft and hydrated with a lingering sweet floral aroma, engaging the senses for a relaxing and calming experience. Using an exfoliating sugar scrub can help you achieve smooth skin and more.

Vanilla Chai Scrub


Indulge in the  goodness of tea leaves, vanilla  essential oil, cinnamon, honey, coconut oil and olive oil.

Skin puffiness and swelling can be perfectly treated with chai tea, thanks to the invigorating herbs that are in it. If your skin is too dry, this tea will do the hydrating job perfectly at the same time.

Vanilla Essential Oil has various benefits for the skin, such as efficiently treating acne, preventing early aging, soothing burns and promoting skin health. Cinnamon is soothing to the skin and a natural antioxidant. Cinnamon helps remove dead skin cells and helps restore shine and suppleness to the skin.

Honey is known as a natural cleanser which exfoliates your skin to bring out a radiant and glowing complexion. It makes your skin soft and also blemish free. So all this goodness in just one Scrub therapy should not be missed.


 Lotus Signature Massage


This blissful signature massage combines eastern philosophy with western techniques. Swedish massage techniques are applied on the entire  body  with application of medium  pressure on certain pressure points to release the blocked energy and create a balance in the body.  Now hot compresses are applied on the entire body to relieve sprains, stiffness in the joints and stimulate blood circulation. This 90 minutes massage clears the blocked energy lines and relaxes, improving the overall blood circulation. You can add this signature massage with the scrubs application too.