After mocking gold hunt Modi takes U-turn

By: admin
Updated: 21 Oct 2013 07:46 AM

Ahmedabad: Days after criticising the
treasure hunt in UP, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today took a
U-turn and praised seer Shobhan Sarkar based on whose dream the ASI is
carrying out excavation in Unnao district.

"Sant Shobhan Sarkar ke prati anek varsho se lakho logo ki shraddha judi
hui hai. Main unki tapasya aur tyag ko pranam karta hu (lakhs of people
have reposed faith in seer Shobhan Sarkar over last many years. I salute
his austerity and renunciation)," Modi said in a tweet.

Stressing on the need of getting back black money stashed away abroad,
Modi demanded that the Centre should come out with a white paper on it.

"Bharat sarkar se agrah karta hu ki woh videsho mein jama kale dhan ke
sambandh main ek white paper prastut kar desh ki janta ko ashwast kare (I
urge the Indian government to come out with white paper on black money
deposited in other countries and assure the people of the nation)," Modi
said in the second tweet.

Modi's reconciliatory tone is being seen as a result of a reported letter
written by followers of Sarkar castigating him on his remarks criticising
government's action of digging a temple fort premises in Unnao district of
UP based on the seer's dreams.

Addressing a rally in Chennai on Friday, Modi had said, "The whole world
is laughing at us over this bizarre exercise.

"Somebody dreamt and the government has launched an excavation...The money
hidden by thieves and looters of India in foreign banks is much more than
1000 tonnes of gold. If you (government) bring back that money, you won't
have to do digging for gold (in Unnao)," Modi had said.

The central government has, however, clarified that they have not told the
Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to go ahead for gold hunt based on
vision of seer Shobhan Sarkar.