AI crisis Six international flights cancelled

By: admin
Updated: 08 May 2012 10:56 PM

The strike by Air India pilots entered the second day on
Wednesday with six international flights being cancelled leaving
passengers stranded amid reports that pilots may strike a deal with the
government and return to work.

The government came down heavily on striking Air India (AI) pilots on
Tuesday, sacking 10 of them. It also derecognised the Indian Pilots Guild
(IPG), the 450-member association of erstwhile AI pilots, and sealed its

The government did not rule out the possibility of shutting down Air India
if the crisis continued.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, considered to be the most modern passenger
aircraft, was ordered in 2005 by India's international career Air-India
for its fleet. Subsequently Air India and domestic career Indian Airlines
merged into one entity – Air India. Training for Dreamliners has started
and government has recommended mixed batches of original Air India pilots
and Indian Airlines pilots (50-50) go for the training. The original Air
India pilots are insisting that the training batches should purely be for
their pilots since the aircraft was ordered for them and they alone fly on
international sectors where the Dreamliners will be used.

Since completion of training would get the pilots promotion, Air India
pilots say if the training schedule was not mixed they would have got the
promotions in half the time that it will take now.