Attack on Rahul is the handiwork of BJP and RSS: Congress

"Rahul Gandhi is an 'SPG protectee'. SPG protectees are the 'most protected' people as per an act of Parliament . It was the responsibility of Gujarat government to ensure his safety, at a time when elections are round the corner"- Congress

Ghulam Nabi Azad/File photo
By: ABP News Bureau
Updated: 05 Aug 2017 05:37 PM
New Delhi: Congress on Saturday alleged that the attack on Rahul Gandhi’s car was a part of a “pre-planned” conspiracy of the BJP and the RSS.

Labelling the attack as murderous, the Opposition leader in Rajya Sabha, Ghulam Nabi Azad, strongly condemned the incident and accused that it was a part of a “pre-planned” conspiracy, PTI reported.

Citing the fact that Rahul Gandhi is an SPG protectee, he accused the BJP government in Gujarat of failing to provide security to Gandhi. He said that SPG protectees are to be the “most protected” under an act of Parliament. With elections round the corner, it was the responsibility of the state and central government to ensure the safety and security of SPG protectees.

Rahul Gandhi blamed the ruling party in entirety for the attack on his car, that could otherwise have been fatal. He said "In yesterday's incident, the BJP workers hit a big stone at me that hit my PSO. This is Modi ji, BJP's and RSS's way of politics. What else can we say”; PTI reported.

The Prime Minister and BJP have so far not condemned the attack on Rahul Gandhi. On this, Gandhi said, “why would they condemn the incident that is done by their own people.”

“Azad, accompanied by Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress Deputy Leader in Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma and AICC media incharge Randeep Surjewala strongly condemned the attack on Gandhi, saying such things cannot stop the Congress party or its vice president from meeting people and hearing their grievances” PTI said in its report.

“The concrete boulder that weighed around 1.5 kg was aimed at Rahul Gandhi who was sitting on the front seat, with his window pane lowered and had it hit him on the head it could have proved fatal”, said Azad. He added that the act has brought forward the real face of BJP.

On being asked the reason Gandhi did not accept the bullet proof car provided by the state government, Azad said that sometimes one has to use a non-bullet proof car and be sensitive to public.

Labeling the incident as unacceptable in a democracy, Anand Sharma said: “It exposes the intent, ideology and character of the BJP and the RSS, which believes in violence, intimidation and physical assaults on political opponents and leaders.”

He further said: “The Congress has seen challenges, ups and downs; neither Rahul Gandhi or the Congress leaders can ever be intimidated or suppressed and we will fight the BJP agenda and protect democracy.”

“Meeting people who are in distress, is not an offence but giving this treatment to those who meet people is not good”, said Kharge.

Noting that the Congress struggle will continue despite such violence, Surjewala said, "Will Godse-waad be converted into Modi-waad...both are the same as they promote violence, fear and give physical harm which has been continuing since1948 and is continuing even in 2017. "But Godse-waad did not succeed in 1948 and neither will Modi-waad... neither Gandhi nor the Congress will bow to their pressure."

Gandhi yesterday faced protests and heckling in flood-hit Gujarat. It was then that a cement brick was flung at his car breaking the window panes of the car. He was also shown black flags that forced him to cut short his address and leave the place. It is being alleged by Congress that the attack was carried out by “BJP goons”.

So far, Gujarat’s CM Vijay Rupani has condemned the attack on Rahul Gandhi, in a tweet.

According to the information given by Surjewala, the police did not register their case immediately. Surjewala termed the police in Gujarat as “puppet” and informed that Congress people had to stand in dharna outside the police station since Friday night, but no one has registered the case.

Congress has demanded that a case of attempt to murder be registered after identifying the four persons who have been named in the complaint.

However, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker Jayesh Darji was detained later in the day by police in Dhanera for attacking Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's convoy on Friday.

(with inputs from PTI and ANI)