BJP should start following law, order: Samajwadi Party

Updated: 04 Jul 2017 07:55 AM

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India] Jul 4 (ANI): Condemning the law and order of Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party on Tuesday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is trying to threaten and dominate the officers who are doing their duties.

"In Uttar Pradesh the BJP Government is trying to threaten and dominate the officers. A woman officer who was following the rules and her duty, she was detained because she stood up against their party. The BJP should now start following the law and order," Samajwadi Party leader Rajendra Chaudhary told ANI.

He further said that the BJP workers think that by harassing these officers they will take law and order in their own hands, but they should know that these government officers will keep on doing their jobs and following the law and order.

However, BJP leader Harish Srivastav said that those questioning the law and order of Uttar Pradesh should first introspect their performance in the past five years.

"The Yogi Government is doing everything possible to mend the law and order of the state," he added.

The Uttar Pradesh Government on Sunday transferred senior police officer Shreshtha Thakur, who sent five BJP leaders to the jail for creating obstacles in discharging her duties, to Bahraich.

As per reports, Mukesh Bhardwaj, the party city president asserted that Thakur's transfer was necessary to lift the morale of the party workers.

The cop was transferred a week after BJP's 11 MLAs and MPs held a meeting with the chief minister over the issue.

It is reported that the local leaders and workers linked it with their pride and pressurised the government to take action against Thakur.

On June 22, Thakur and her team, while checking vehicles in Syana area, stopped a person, who was driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, and slapped a fine of Rs 200 on him.

After her objection, the man started arguing with Thakur and called in more BJP leaders at the site. (ANI)

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