BS Bassi stops 2 even numbered cars, but both turned out to be CNG vehicles

Updated: 02 Jan 2016 01:27 PM
New Delhi: Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi on Friday did his bit in implementing the odd-even scheme and stopped two even-numbered private cars plying on the road, but both turned out to be CNG vehicles, which are exempted under the initiative.

When the top cop was on his way to office in the morning, he saw two cars with even registration numbers moving ahead of his vehicle. He then asked his men to stop the suspected offenders, the vehicles turned out to be CNG cars, said a source.

The vehicles had the CNG stickers, which are exempted from the scheme, on the windshields, but the alert police chief had seen the number plate on the rear side of the vehicle, the source said.

CNG vehicles fall under the list of exemptions in the Odd-Even scheme implemented in the national capital from 8 AM on Friday, following which as many as 81 motorists were prosecuted by the police till 5 PM.

The odd-even scheme is in force from 8 AM to 8 PM. The first prosecution took place at ITO junction about 33 minutes after the restrictions became operational at 8 AM.

A BJP MP was also stopped after he was caught travelling in an even numbered car near India Gate. However, the police did not clarify whether the lawmaker was prosecuted.

Earlier in the day Bassi had once again appealed to people to cooperate with his force throughout the 15 days that the initiative will be in force.

"I appeal to people to cooperate with Delhi Traffic Police for 15 days," said Bassi, assuring that adequate personnel have been deployed for implementation of the scheme throughout the city.

"Today's focus will largely be on educating people about the scheme. However, prosecution for violating the same shall be in place," he added.