Chandigarh: Women's 'Bekhauf Azadi March' to reclaim streets from stalkers and molesters

Women in Chandigarh gathered in numbers to march for ''fearless freedom,'' crossing the 'Geri route' unpopular for eve-teasing incidents by young boys on bikes. The March was taken out in the wake of recent stalking and harassment of Varnika Kundu by son of BJP leader Subhash Barala.

Image courtesy: PTI
By: ABP News Bureau
Updated: 12 Aug 2017 11:55 AM
Chandigarh: In the wake of the stalking case by MLA's son in Chandigarh, women on Friday took to streets to demonstrate their retaliation and agitation against the safety issues that they have to face daily.

In a reply to those who forbid women's movement at night, the protest was organised at 11 p.m. at night from Chandigarh Rose garden in Sector 16 and passed through the 'Geri Route' , unpopular for young boys making rounds on their vehicles. The message was loud and clear. Women are free to move around at any time.

The posters said ''Your Geri route is also my route to work''.

The young and old women equally participated in the march. With candles, posters and placards the protesters strongly condemned the stalking and harassment of the 29 year old DJ Varnika. The posters highlighted the lewd gestures, comments, molestation that womenfolk have to face at the hands of the men of the city.

"We have taken to the streets to give a message to everyone that women are free to move around at any time and cannot be forced to face harassment from men," activist Amy Singh said.

In the protest that was organised exactly a week after the stalking incident, slogans of ''Patriarchy Down Down !'' echoed loudly. Demanding fearless freedom, the protesters also slammed the misuse of power by the hands of VIPs.

According to the reports women expressed themselves with a song ''Auratein Uthti nahi to zulm badhta jayega'' (If the women won't rise , crime will keep on increasing) sending a message that every woman should speak up against any sort of mistreatment.

It was only after the media pressure that the accused , Vikas Barala, the son of BJP Minister and his partner in crime Ashish Kumar, were re-arrested after their bail on the charges of attempt to abduction.

(With inputs from IANS)