CID moves FB to remove pics mocking Mamata

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Updated: 17 Apr 2012 01:48 AM

Bengal’s criminal investigation department (CID) has written to Facebook
in its efforts to track down those responsible for uploading four Internet
pictures lampooning chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

If the CID
persists with the drive, it will mean that the government is keen to take
its crackdown beyond the circulation of unpalatable digital content and to
its very source of origin. The CID’s cyber crime cell had earlier
written to Facebook and Google asking them to delete objectionable
material but never before had it tried to reach the source.

for deleting content considered objectionable or inflammatory are neither
unusual nor unreasonable. But attempts are usually not made to trace the
source, not only because of the complex nature of the hunt but also
because of the futility as someone else can post something else from some
other country in the seamless information age.The investigating agency has
asked the US-based social networking site to provide IP addresses of the
computers from where the four images were uploaded. An IP (Internet
Protocol) address is a numerical tag assigned to each computer and it
helps track down the Internet service provider. Once the service provider
is located, law enforcers can use the IP to locate the computer or
computers used to upload the jokes.

But the IP address identifies
the subscriber of an Internet connection, not the person who has used the
connection to post something on a website. If someone other than the
subscriber with access to the connection posts something on a website, the
IP address would remain the same.

Hence, in the West, an IP address is rarely sufficient to establish that
someone has done something wrong on the Internet. Police today described
the images as caricatures of the Bengal chief minister. “The pictures
are not cartoons. These are original faces of the chief minister in which
her features have been distorted to give her a different look,” a CID
officer said.

Changing the features of well-known personalities
is a design device used worldwide by the media, including The Telegraph,
to reflect the particular mood that an event or statement may evoke. CID
sources confirmed tonight that the Sonar Kella joke, over which a Jadavpur
University professor was arrested last week, was not among the four for
which Facebook has been asked to start a probe.

In the letter
addressed “To whom it may concern” and mailed to the Facebook
headquarters at Menlo Park, California, the CID mentioned a complaint
lodged by a Trinamul Congress activist in New Town last week. That Suman
Naskar, the Trinamul activist from Mahishbathan, on the fringes of New
Town, had filed the complaint was reported on Sunday.

Naskar, in
his mid-30s, had mentioned in his complaint that a section of youths had
uploaded morphed pictures of the chief minister to malign her character.
“We will try to track down those who uploaded the pictures before it
flooded the walls of hundreds of Facebook users,” an officer said.

The Telegraph, Calcutta