Cong links Modi toilet remark to Ayodhya issue

By: admin
Updated: 03 Oct 2013 09:10 AM

New Delhi: Ridiculing Narendra Modi
for his "toilets first, temples later" remark, Congress today linked it to
the Ayodhya issue and asked BJP and RSS to clarify whether they support
the statement of their chosen prime ministerial candidate.

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh also wondered whether VHP, RSS
and BJP would react the same way as they did when BSP founder late
Kashiram had suggested a public toilet complex should be made at the
disputed site in Ayodhya as a solution to all problems surrounding the
controversial issue.

"MODI-'Build Toilets and not Temples' Would VHP RSS BJP react the same way
as they did when Kashiramji made similar statement about Ayodhya?" Singh

"Or they would support the statement of Modi their chosen PM candidate ?
VHP RSS BJP must clarify. Else their Temple issue stands exposed," he

Union minister Rajiv Shukla said Modi is "not a Hindu leader" but is being
projected as such to "mislead" Hindus and garner votes.

"BJP goes silent on whatever Narendra Modi says and begins supporting him.
Jairam Ramesh had once said toilets should be made first in villages
before temples. BJP had then immediately criticised Ramesh and demanded
that he seek an apology from the nation.

"Why BJP is not opening its mouth when Modi said this? He (Modi) is not a
Hindu leader. He has not even done anything for Hindus. He is not a leader
of Hindus. His views are also entirely different. He is being projected
like this to mislead people, mislead Hindus under a conspiracy to garner
votes," Shukla said.

Singh also attacked the Gujarat chief minister referring to a newspaper
article in past asking "Has Modi ever tried his hand at Manual Scavenging
to know about the Spiritual Experience" in another tweet.

He said that the article that had quoted Modi as saying that those who
clean toilets get spiritual pleasure in doing it reflects the BJP leader's
views on Dalits.

Singh, a known detractor of Modi, said he had seen the article in which
Modi had said "people who clean toilets get spiritual pleasure in cleaning
it. I want to ask him, had he ever experienced the pleasure and cleaned
the toilet?"

During a function here for youths yesterday, Modi had said, "I am known to
be a Hindutva leader. My image does not permit to say so, but I dare to
say. My real thought is 'Pehle shauchalaya, phir devalaya' (toilet first,
temple later)," he said.