Congress-RJD alliance in trouble, Lalu says now 'lath-bandhan' not 'gath-bandhan'

By: admin
Updated: 01 Mar 2014 04:42 AM
New Delhi: Amidst reports that the Congress-RJD alliance has hit a rough patch, Lalu Prasad Yadav has said that the time has come to prepare for a lone battle in elections.


“Ab gath-bandhan nahi lath-bandhan hoga,” (Now there will be a fight, not an alliance) said the RJD chief.


He was speaking to reporters in Patna on his return from Delhi.


Earlier there had been reports that RJD and Congress are unable to reach a consensus on the seat sharing number, due to which the Congress wasn’t ready to commit to anything.


Lalu’s comment in trade mark style has made it almost clear that he is not ready to wait around for an alliance any more.


RJD is already in trouble after the Paswan debacle. An alliance with Congress could have spelled a strong counter to BJP in Bihar.


But as things stand, it looks like there are going to multiple players in the Bihar battle.


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