Congress will form govt in Haryana for third time: BS Hooda

By: admin
Updated: 15 Oct 2014 06:15 AM
Rohtak (Haryana): With polling for the assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra currently underway, Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said here on Wednesday that the Congress Party will form the government for the third time in the state.


"This will be the third time that Congress will form its government. The kind of responses we have been getting during campaign indicates our clear win," said Hooda confidently.


Urging people to cast their votes, he said, "After much agitation we have got the freedom to vote so everyone must exercise their right to vote to form a stable government which will efficiently serve them."




Differentiating between the Lok Sabha and assembly elections, Hooda said, "Both the elections have their own issues. We cannot compare both."


He also said that people were concerned about the recent border skirmishes because many soldiers in the Army were from Haryana.


"Every 10th soldier in Indian Army is from Haryana. Everybody is concerned about them especially after the kinds of movements have been taking place from last four months on the border," Hooda pointed out.


He also said that more soldiers had died recently than in the past four years, "The number of soldiers who have lost their lives in recent times is much higher than from last four years, when Congress was in power."


Polling in Maharashtra and Haryana for the Assembly elections began at 7 am today and will conclude at 6 pm today evening, except for some naxal affected areas of Maharashtra, where it will be completed by 3 pm.