Doctors advice taken before shifting her to Singapore Shinde

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Updated: 28 Dec 2012 02:19 AM

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Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde today said the decision to shift the Delhi
gangrape victim to a hospital in Singapore was made after consultation
with specialists, including Dr Naresh Trehan, top cardiac surgeon who
assisted the team of doctors in Safdarjung hospital.

“She was
shifted after taking opinions of doctors from Safdarjung hospital. Trauma
doctors were also consulted along with Dr. Trehan. She is still critical
today. We will give her the best of treatment. Be it Singapore, London or
America we will send her wherever possible so that she recovers soon,”
Shinde told reporters after an all-party meet on the Telangana issue.

consulted by the government before transferring the critically-ill Delhi
gang rape survivor to Singapore had told a national daily (The Hindu) that
they were only asked if the patient was fit to be airlifted — not if the
move was medically advisable.

"Infection needs to be controlled first which could have been done in
India itself. Secondly, after controlling infection, the nutrition and
food could be given through the veins and when it doesn’t work then
intestinal transplant in recommended. Singapore isn’t world’s best
centre; best centres are Pittsburg in America and one in Toronto for
intestinal transplant.  Within 24 hours of the cardiac arrest I don’t
think it was not a necessity to transfer her as it could be dangerous,”
said Dr S. Nandi, Chairperson of Organ Transplant at Ganga Ram hospital
told ABP News over a telephonic conversation.

“On medical advice if needed victim cud be flown to some other country
from Singapore for better treatment in a hospital that conducts intestinal
transplant,” says an ABP News source.

Victim had brain
injury, infection in lungs & abdomen

The 23-year-old victim has significant brain injury, infection in lungs
and abdomen and she is currently struggling against all odds at Mount
Elizabeth Hospital where her condition continues to be "extremely
critical", the hospital said today.

"Our medical team's
investigations upon her arrival at the hospital yesterday showed that in
addition to her prior cardiac arrest, she also had infection of her lungs
and abdomen, as well as significant brain injury," said Dr Kelvin Loh,
Chief Executive Officer, Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

In a
statement, Dr Loh said, "The patient is currently struggling against the
odds, and fighting for her life."

Briefing reporters here on
girl's condition, Loh said, "As at 28 December, 11am (8:30 IST) the
patient continues to remain in an extremely critical condition."

multi-disciplinary team of specialists has been working tirelessly to
treat her since her arrival, and is doing everything possible to stabilise
her condition over the next few days," Dr Loh said.

The security
was tightened at the hospital, favoured by well-heeled patients, with each
visitor screened before being allowed into the ICU.

Sonia, PM assure
quick justice

In Delhi, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi stressed that no time should be lost
in bringing the perpetrators of such barbarous act to justice.

Minister Manmohan Singh assured that those found guilty of lapses in the
aftermath of the incident will not be spared.

The victim's
father, who flew in with her, said he was reassured that the best is being
done for his daughter.

The girl's family members do not speak
English and rely on interpreters to communicate with hospital staff, the
Strait Times newspaper reported.

The High Commission of India has
assigned a liaison officer with the family.

Watch: Doctors'
advice taken before shifting her to Singapore, says Shinde