Donald Trump Jr. says India "Substantially Above Board" than China

The eldest son of US President Donald Trump was comparing India to China for business

Donald Trump Junior says India “Substantially Above Board” than China
Image: representational/ AFP/ File
By: ABP News Bureau
Updated: 20 Feb 2018 06:30 PM
NEW DELHI: Donald Trump Junior, the eldest son of US President Donald Trump, on Tuesday said India is "substantially above board" for business compared to China. He further added that reforms underway will help attract investments to Asia's third-largest economy from countries as the US.

He said, "As a businessman, I feel things here are substantially more above board. I think the mentality of the people is the same. I think there is probably little bit more honesty."

He is on a week-long visit to push sales of Trump Towers in India where he said the "spirit" of doing business in India is much more aligned with the US way of doing business.

He was replying to a question during a meeting with reporters on why the Trump Organisation chose to build luxury apartments in India before China.

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Trump Organisation has licensing pacts with local business partners, M3M and Tribeca Developers, for constructing 254 apartments in a price bracket of Rs. 5.5 crore to Rs. 11 crore with a total area ranging from 3,500-4,500 square feet at Gurugram, earlier called Gurgaon, on the outskirts of Delhi. The project is scheduled for completion in March 2023.

"For me, it has been, certainly been, easier to do business in India," Trump Junior said.
He will later this week share stage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a business summit. He said India represents the biggest market outside the US for the New York-based company.

"It will open up the country to much more outside investment from places like United States," Trump Junior said.

The Trump family earned as much as Rs. 19 crore in royalties in 2016 from ventures in India, the New York Times reported citing the US President's financial disclosure report.