Eswarappas reply on Yeddyurappas allegations

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Updated: 14 May 2012 12:21 PM

Bangalore: Seeking
to downplay differences between him and former Karnataka Chief Minister BS
Yeddyurappa, state BJP president KS Eswarappa today said the accusations
made by the former against him, were like "blessings".

allegations made by Yeddyurappa are like a blessing to me. He is senior to
me," he said in response to queries on allegations made by Yeddyurappa
that he and Chief Minister DV Sadananda Gowda should be blamed for the
present "confusion".

Asserting that Yeddyurappa will clarify
later that the allegations against him (Eswarappa) were "baseless",
Eswarappa said "this is usual way of giving vent to his anger. I can
understand his mental state. If I had to face a CBI enquiry, how I would
have reacted?"

Expressing happiness about Yeddyurappa's decision
not to quit the BJP at the moment, he said "I always knew that he would
never leave the party. His (Yeddyurappa) statement has only endorsed my
faith. Yeddyurappa, I am confident, will continue to build the party as he
has always done".

Taking a swipe at the opposition Congress,
Eswarappa said the Congress were "gloating" that this would would be the
end of BJP.

"We have belied their hopes, we will complete our
term and resolve our differences by mutual discussions in the coming
days," he claimed.