EXCLUSIVE: Modi only 'burst balloons in air'; BJP won't win more than 60 seats in Gujarat, says Hardik Patel

"I'm not at all in favour of abolishing reservation. If we can't remove reservation, then it's better to give the same to every community as per their proportion of population in society," says Hardik Patel in an exclusive conversation to ABP Live's Anurag Kumar. (Image: Hardik Patel/Twitter)
By: Anurag Kumar
Updated: 24 May 2017 11:00 AM
New Delhi: Recently, just before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to his home state Gujarat, Patel quota agitation leader Hardik Patel tonsured and took out 'Nyay Yatra' (march for justice).

Known for Patidar reservation agitation (2015), the 23-year-old has been continuously in news for his agitations against the BJP government.

To know more about his policies, motives and his style of politics, ABP Live's Anurag Kumar has an exclusive conversation with Hardik Patel.

Here are important excerpts from the conversation. Read on:

Q1) Just before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Gujarat, you took out 'Nyay Yatra' (march for justice) and tensored. What was the purpose?

Image: Hardik Patel/Twitter-File

Hardik Patel: From past two years in Gujarat, agitation for reservation has been going on. Many youths associated with the movement are killed. There are atrocities on Patidar community members by the state government and police.

Keeping this in mind all these issues, we took out 'Nyay Yatra' in two districts. Modiji comes to Gujarat again and again, talks about Vikas (development) model. But Patel community which is so strong in the state, why injustice to it? Why atrocities against farmers? Why no employment for youths? We took 'Nyay Yatra' against these injustices and nearly 200 youths tonsured.

Under BJP rule there is transgression, autocracy in Gujarat. Every voice which speaks is bulldozed, anti-national cases are slapped on those opposing state government.

Q2) Why there is a need for reservation? Do you not think that the same should be abolished?

Hardik Patel: Every society must get proper representation. Asking for reservation is not wrong as the same was entrusted by our Constitution of India.

Reservation can never be abolished from this country as the same is being used as a tool by politicians.

I'm not at all in favour of abolishing reservation. If we can't remove reservation, then it's better to give the same to every community as per their proportion of population in society.

Q3) How do you see the BJP's chances in the Gujarat Assembly election 2017?

Hardik Patel: Entire Gujarat is fed up with this autocratic state government and at the proper time, people will give a befitting reply. I don't believe that in the state Assembly election BJP will win more than 60 seats.

Q4) Will you going to fight upcoming state election or support someone?

Hardik Patel: Neither I'm going to fight the election nor I will field someone. As per rules also, I can't fight election because I'm less than 25-year-old.

Q5) Will you support Congress?

Hardik Patel: Only the time will tell. But if we want to make BJP lose, then we have to go somewhere.

Q6) Your close aid Chirag Patel and Ketan Patel alleged that you misused community's funds to live a luxurious life. Your comments.

Hardik Patel: See when some kind of movement takes places, some people become anti and level allegations. And if I talk about misuse of funds by me, till now those Patels who have supported me never raised finger on me.

It is only those who are with BJP are leveling false allegations. It is true that when we run a movement, it requires money but those who are providing it are not questioning me.

Why should I give an answer to those people who have never spent a single penny for the movement?

Q7) Recently, Modi government completed its three years in office. How do you assess BJP’s work in past three years?

Hardik Patel: PM Modi only burst balloons in the air, only talked. He made false promises. Nothing is done for the benefit of farmers, for creating job opportunities for youths. Modi said that country will live with Hindu culture enacted but we connected the country with the foreign culture.

We thought that it will be 'Made in India' but Modi has given 'Make in India'. We thought it will be 'smart villages' but we got 'smart cities'.

People are fooled. In last three years, zero percent work done by BJP government.

Q8) In very short span of time, you shot to so much popularity! What’s the reason behind it?

Hardik Patel: I’m not a politician. I’m just a leader.

Q9) You are just 23-year old and in this age, most of the youths want to be doctor, engineer, government official etc but you entered into politics that too with full force. What is the reason?

Hardik Patel: See, I respect government officials, bureaucrats but they have to work under the government. And I want to see myself associated with such the people. I want to live on my own, want to associate with the masses. If I will be an IAS, IPS offer I will be able to work for 20-25 years…in that too there will be pressure from above.

If I will be on my own, then it will be possible for me to work for people in a better way.

Gujarat Legislative Assembly election, 2017

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The 14th legislative assembly election will be held in 2017 to elect members of the 182 constituencies in Gujarat as the tenure of present assembly ends on 22 Jan 2018.

Last time, elections were held in two phases, the first on 13 December and second on 17 December 2012. This year also the elections might take place in the last two months of 2017 that is November-December.