Fight in 2014 polls on achievements Sonia

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Updated: 22 May 2012 11:12 AM

New Delhi:
Battling perception of policy paralysis, Congress President Sonia Gandhi
on Tuesday acknowledged that the ruling alliance can earn another mandate
only on the basis of its actions in coming two years and not promises.
Speaking to allies at a dinner to mark the completion of three years of
UPA-II at 3: PM showcases 7% growth rate, Sonia slams Oppn

she accused the opposition of being aggressive and making irresponsible

"We are aware that only two years are left when we
will be seeking a new mandate from the people. We are fully aware that the
result of that will not depend on our promises but on the nature of work
done by us," Gandhi said in her brief address.

She said since UPA
took charge of the government, India has been advancing on the growth map
in a sustained manner because of which it has been able to provide money
for projects of social and rural development.

"Because of this
the Centre has been able to give that kind of financial assistance to the
state government which was never seen earlier," Gandhi said, adding that
the government has to sustain the momentum of this development.

Sonia's speech on UPA-II's 3 years