Google shortlists 10 ideas for Rs 3 cr award

By: admin
Updated: 21 Oct 2013 07:52 AM

New Delhi: Google has shortlisted 10
best ideas; selected four of them will be awarded Rs 3 crore each by the
Internet giant to help them deliver their projects.

The project goals of 10 finalists range from rural education to
agricultural development to sanitation.

One shortlisted idea proposes launch a network of motorbike science labs
to address the lack of science equipment and digital resources for rural

The idea to develop an online marketplace and integrated mobile app to
organise waste pickers and address the growing problem of trash in Delhi
also figures among top 10.

In August this year, Google had invited ideas from non-profits on how they
would make India and the world a better place using technology.

Scaling a video hub and an online knowledge platform to help farmers gain
the agricultural skills they need to lower their costs and increase their
productivity is another idea shortlisted.

Creating open source mobile games to teach critical entrepreneurship
skills to India's children is another idea.

Apart from cash award, Google will also mentor the four winners to help
them deliver the projects, the company said in a statement today.

Google has also invited public to cast vote till October 30 for selecting
winners of Rs 3 crore Global Impact Award.

A panel of judges will hear pitches live from all 10 finalists.

The 10 non-profit finalists that were announced today each have the
potential to build positive change in India. They only need support to do
so, Ram Shriram, judge and Google Board Member said.

The company said that the initiative -- Google Impact Challenge in India
-- is part of its ongoing social efforts.