Himanshu Roy's doctor says 'cancer was already cured, cannot be reason behind suicide'

By: ABP News Web Desk
Updated: 12 May 2018 04:32 PM
New Delhi: As the nation was gradually settling down with the belief that Mumbai’s top cop Himanshu Roy committed suicide because of cancer, a shocking revelation has been made by his oncologist.

The oncologist treating him has reportedly revealed that Roy had been cured of cancer before his death, re-stirring the questions over his alleged suicide.

The Nashik based doctor, Raj Nagarkar said that it will be wrong to say Roy committed suicide because of cancer, he was cured of the cancer, Mid Day reported.

As per the report, Nagarkar has said that no cancerous traces were found in his body after a PET scan that was done on April 30.

Roy was reportedly diagnosed with 44 tumours in his body initially.

Mid Day quoted the doctor saying: “Roy was on suggestive targeted therapy. On April 30, we conducted a PET scan on him and were quite pleased to see that all the soft tissues and cancer were almost missing from the scan. He was extremely happy and he asked us when he can rejoin duty.”

Nagarkar reportedly had positive talks with Roy just weeks before he committed suicide. Roy I n fact wanted to address an open forum of cancer patients.

Nagarkar was reported saying that although cancer patients develop suicidal tendencies during the course of their treatment, but with proper motivation and counselling, they do well.

Nagarkar reportedly believes that due to staying away from his uniform for long and weakness, could have triggered frustration within Roy’s mind. He ruled out the theory that Roy committed suicide because of cancer.