How costly is Modi's personalised suit?

By: admin
Updated: 27 Jan 2015 07:28 AM
New Delhi: If a report of the British newspaper London Standard is to be believed, PM Narendra Modi’s personalised suit must have cost something around £10,000, which as per present conversion rates would be Rs 9,27,500.


The fabric for the suit, with NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI woven all over it in gold thread, most probably came from London based merchants Holland & Sherry. According to the report the cloth alone would have cost somewhere between £2,500 (Rs231875) to £3,000(Rs 278250).


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Based on that, and the high end tailor Tom James, to whom Holland & Sherry supplies fabric, the British newspaper speculated the final cost of the suit to be around £10,000 (Rs 9,27,500).


However, the cloth was stitched in India at a cost of around Rs 60,000 making the whole suit's worth close to Rs 3,00,000.


Both the fabric supplier and tailor refused to confirm Modi as a client, or the price. But Holland & Sherry “[couldn’t] think of anyone else who would do something like that” and Tom James said “I believe we are the only ones doing that [style]”.

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PM Modi wore the personalised suit for tea with visiting US President Barack Obama. At first glance it appeared to be a black and gold pinstriped suit, but closed inspection revealed that the stripes were actually the Prime Ministers full name.