No change in income tax rate; personal income tax exemption limit raised from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 2.50 lakh; Cigarette, gutkha, soft drink to become costlier

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Updated: 10 Jul 2014 03:26 AM


# Tax proposals on indirect tax front would yield Rs. 7,525 cr: Jaitley

# Indian Custom Single Window Project to be taken up for facilitating trade: Jaitley

# Jaitley exempts loading/unloading and transportation of cotton from service tax

# To broaden tax base, negative list for service tax has been reviewed: Jaitley

# Jaitley announces increased excise duty on tobacco products, and aerated water products with added sugar.

# Jaitley announces reduction in excise duty for specified food package industry from 10% to 6%.

# Excise duty on footwear reduced from 12% to 6%: Jaitley

# FM announces proposals to make CRT TVs cheaper

# Housing loan interest exemption increased to Rs.2 lakh from Rs.1.5 lakh: Jaitley

# I propose to increase investment limit under Section 80C from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.5 lakhs: Jaitley

# Tax exemption limit for senior citizens changed from Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 3.0 lakhs: Jaitley

# Tax exemption limit for small and marginal, and senior tax payers changed from Rs. 2.0 to Rs 2.5 lakhs: Jaitley

# Govt committed to development of Telangana and AP: Jaitley

# Rs 100 cr set aside for development of organic farming in north east region. Rs 1000 cr provided for rail connectivity in NE region: FM

# Rs 200 cr set aside for upgradation of indoor and outdoor stadium in J&K to international standards: FM

# Biotech clusters to be set up in Bangalore and Faridabad to take science and technology to new heights: Jaitley

# Jaitley announces "Namami Ganga", an integrated Ganga Development Project; Rs. 2037 cr set aside for this.

# Time that we make serious efforts to link rivers; Rs 100 cr set aside for project to link rivers: Jaitley

# FM announces Rs 100 cr for development of Archaeological sites. Gaya to be developed as world class tourism spot

# War memorial to be set up along with a war museum; Rs. 100 cr set aside for this: Jaitley

# Rs 100 cr set aside for development of Technology Development Fund: Jaitley

# Will take measures to revitalise small savings schemes: Jaitley

# Pending Insurance Amendment Bill to be taken up in the Parliament: Jaitley

# FM: To provide all households with banking facilities to empower the weaker sections; there should be atleast 2 bank a/cs in each household

# It is essential to strengthen and modernize regulatory framework in financial sector to meet challenges of increasing complex economy: FM

# Revision of rate of royalty on minerals to be taken up on request from the States: Jaitley

# In order to complete gas grid, 15000 km of additional pipeline to be developed through PPP mode: Jaitley

# Existing impasse of coal sector will be resolved: Jaitley

# Rs. 4200 cr set aside for Jal Marg Vikas project on river Ganga connecting Allahabad to Haldia,over 1620 km: Jaitley

# New airports to be developed through PPP mode: Jaitley

# Rs 50 cr set aside for Pashmina Production prog in J&K: Jaitley

# Jaitley announces Rs. 200 cr for 6 more textile clusters in Rae Bareily, Lucknow,Surat, Bhagalpur

# Apprentice Act to be suitably amended to strengthen the Apprentice Training Scheme: Jaitley

# To set up Industrial Smart Cities in 7 cities: Jaitley

# All govt departments and ministries to be integrated through E-platform by 31 Dec this year: Jaitley

# Rs. 100 cr set aside for Kisan Television to provide real time information on various farming and agriculture issues: Jaitley

# Jaitley allocates Rs. 200 cr for setting up 2000 producers' organisations across the country

# Allocates funds for setting up 2000 producers' organisations across the country: Jaitley

# Additional Rs. 5000 cr set aside for RIDF: Jaitley

# Rs 50 cr set aside for indigenous cattle breed and blue revolution for inland fisheries: Jaitley

# I propose to provide finance to 5 lakh landless farmers through NABARD: Jaitley

# National Adaption Fund for climate change to be set up: Jaitley

# Govt will initiate scheme to provide a soil health card; Rs. 100 cr set aside. Rs. 56 cr for soil testing labs across the country: Jaitley

# Arun Jaitley granted 5-minute break by LS Speaker

# Slum development to be included in Corporate Social Responsibility activities: Jaitley

# Jaitley announces Rs. 100 cr for modernisation of madrasas

# Jaitley announces development of Metro rails in PPP mode; Rs. 100 cr set aside for metro scheme in Ahmedabad and Lucknow

# Mission for low cost housing proposed to incentivise development of low cost housing; Rs. 400 cr announced: Jaitley

# Urban renewal will address drinking water, use of recycled water,solid waste management, digital connectivity; 500 habitats supported: FM

# Rs 100 cr set aside for Community Radio Centres; 600 new and existing ones will be supported: Jaitley

# Jaitley proposes National Rural Internet and Technology Mission; Rs. 500 crores set aside

# Pt Madan Mohan Malaviya Teaching Programme to be started: FM

# Jaitley proposes to set up 5 new IIMs and 5 new IITs

# Propose to set up Center of Excellence in MP named after Lok Nayak JaiPrakash Narayan: Jaitley

# 15 Model Rural Health Research centers to be set up for rural health issues: Jaitley

# Jaitley proposes 12 more Govt Medical colleges with dental facilities

# The four new AIIMS will be in AP, West Bengal, Vidarbha and Purvanchal: Jaitley

# Propose to set up four more AIIMS; Rs. 500 cr set aside for this. Six new AIIMS started recently have become functional: Jaitley

# Rs. 3600 cr set aside for National Rural Drinking Water

# Jaitley announces Backward Regional Grant Fund to address inter regional inequalities

# Jaitley proposes National Housing Banking programme; sets aside Rs. 8000 cr for this programme

# PMGSY has a massive impact on rural development; sets aside Rs. 14,389 cr for this: Jaitley

# Jaitley announces Crisis Management Center for women at Delhi; money to be provided from Nirbhaya fund

# Jaitley laments apathy towards girl child; announces Beti padhao, beti badhao yojana; sets aside Rs. 100 cr for this

# 15 new Brail presses to be established and revival of 10 existing announced by Jaitley

# Jaitley announces schemes for disabled persons in the country

# EPFO will launch a unified account scheme for portability of Provident Fund accounts: Jaitley

# A large number of money lying unused in postal schemes etc. Propose to set up a committee to examine how this can be utilised: Jaitley

# Rs 50,548 cr proposed for SC development: Jaitley

# Rs 200 cr set aside to support Gujarat govt in the Sardar Patel statue installation: Jaitley

# Govt committed to providing 24/7 power supply to all homes: Jaitley

# Total sanitation goals to be achieved by 2019: Jaitley

# "Pradhan mantri krishi sichayin yojana" to be started for irrigation: Jaitley

# A national multiscale programme called Skill India to be introduced to provide training and support for employment: Jaitley

# In order to give major boost to tourism, E-visas would be introduced at 9 airports. This will facilitate visas on arrival: Jaitley

# As large number of people migrate to cities, unless new cities are developed the present would become unlivable: Jaitley

# We will examine proposal to give additional autonomy to banks and make them more responsible: Jaitley

# Financial stability is the foundation of our recovery: Jaitley

# Jaitley proposes measures to encourage development of smart cities

# India needs boost in manufacturing sector. India is the largest buyer of defence equipment: Jaitley

# FDI is several sectors provides additional resources: Jaitley

# I propose to strengthen authority for advance ruling in tax: Jaitley

# We are committed to providing stable tax regime which is investor friendly: Jaitley

# We wish to achieve 7-8 per cent economic growth rate in next 3-4 years: Jaitley

# GST will streamline tax administration and result in higher tax collection for center and states: Jaitley

# We have no option but to take some bold steps to spurt economy; these are only the first steps and are directional: Jaitley

# There is a gradual moderation in the WPI recently; but we are still not out of the woods: Jaitley

# Considering that we had two years of low GDP growth, a large subsidy burden, target of 4.1% fiscal burden is daunting: Jaitley

# The task before me today is very challenging; need to revive growth in manufacturing sector: Jaitley

# Urgent need to generate more resources to fuel the economy: Jaitley

# There are green shoots of recovery in the global economy. The budget is the most comprehensive action plan: Jaitley

# People have voted for a change. India desires to grow: Jaitley

# Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presents Union Budget in Parliament

# Cabinet approves Union Budget

# Union Cabinet meeting ends at the Parliament

# Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's family leaves for the Parliament

# Delhi: Budget copies at the Parliament

#Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at the Parliament

# Budget needs to take everyone forward, every state and people from every strata of the society: Majeed Memon, NCP