Lokpal to come up before 2014 polls Khurshid

By: admin
Updated: 05 Aug 2012 02:26 AM

Against the backdrop of indefinite fast by Anna Hazare coming
to an end, law minister Salman Khurshid has said the government is "much
better equipped" now to deal with such situations even as he underlined
that the Lokpal will be created before the 2014 elections.

He also indicated that had the contents of a letter sent by the Prime
Minister's Office to Anna not come to the notice of Team Anna members,
something could have come of his June 23 "private meeting" with the

"It's not for me to give an assessment because my Prime Minister must do
so. But if you are asking me about my own assessment, my own feelings, I
think yes, absolutely. In fact, to say it will be long before the
Parliament elections of 2014. But I can't give you a date. I can't give a
deadline," Khurshid said in a new channel programme.

The minister was responding to a query on whether he could assure that
Lokpal will be created by Parliament before the 2014 polls.

Asked whether the government was 'wiser' by its experience, Khurshid said
"we are much better equipped today...we learn everyday from everything we
do and I think learning is a good thing...."

Referring to his "private meeting" with Anna held near Pune that was
arranged by mutual friends, he said the activist wanted three things:
inclusion of Group A, B, C, D officials under Lokpal, creation of
Lokayukta in the states and a Citizen's charter.

He said when he explained that government has already done that, Anna
wanted the government to put it on record in a letter.