Modi attacks Sonia predicts thumping BJP win

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Updated: 04 Oct 2012 06:31 AM

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a
blistering attack on Congress president Sonia Gandhi and claimed the BJP
would win a thumping majority in the coming elections.

Speaking to a private news channel, Modi criticised Gandhi for comparing
Gujarat's development with other states and accused her of making false
claims about cooking gas availability in the state.

"Our track record is one of development, our track record is one of
irrigation, our track record is one of peace, unity and brotherhood," the
chief minister said.

"This is the reason people of Gujarat will once again give a thumping
majority to the BJP," Modi said, a day after the Election Commission
announced that Gujarat will elect a new Assembly in December.

"We will decimate the Congress," he added.

Himachal Pradesh, another state ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party, will
go for polls in November.

Modi said he was unfazed by Sonia Gandhi's election campaign in Gujarat.

"We are not a party of individuals... we don't believe in (a) family," he
said in an obvious attack on the Gandhi dynasty.

Describing the BJP as "a party of activists", he said "there was no one"
at the leadership level in the Gujarat Congress.

Asked to comment on Gandhi's rally in Rajkot ON Wednesday, Modi pointed
out that the Congress lost badly in the last elections at Chota Udaipur,
where the Congress president had addressed the voters.

"Now she has dumped the (tribals), she has moved to Rajkot," he said

Modi took on Gandhi for painting Gujarat in poor colours in comparison to
some states. "The Congress president should not have done that."

He said that contrary to Gandhi's claims, the Gujarat government had
provided seven lakh families in 300 villages piped cooking gas connection.

And it wanted to extend the facility to another 20 lakh families.

"But petty-minded Delhi-based leaders ... have stopped me from laying the
pipeline... It is sad she (Gandhi) does not know this."

Asked if he would play a national role if the BJP indeed won a thumping
majority in Gujarat, he replied: "Is serving Gujarat not a seva for Bharat

He also obliquely attacked Gandhi for going abroad for medical treatment.
"We treat even Pakistani patients here. Won't we treat Soniaji here?"

He refused to apologise -- as the Congress has demanded -- for claiming a
huge expenditure on Gandhi's tours abroad.

"Is it wrong to demand answers to reports published in the media?" he