Modi targets ‘magician’ Vadra

By: admin
Updated: 21 Apr 2014 02:45 AM
Ahmedabad:  Continuing his triade against the Gandhi family, Narendra Modi  on Sunday targeted Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra, dubbing him as a "magician" who multiplied his wealth very fast.


Without naming Vadra, a businessman whose real-estate deals have come under scrutiny and attracted public attention, Modi said he surely is a "magician" for converting his Rs one lakh investment into Rs 300 crore in just four years.


"In many of their speeches, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi often talked about a magician who claims to have powers to change India.



"After much efforts, I have found that magician. According to a recent report, he (Vadra) is only 10th pass and has made Rs 300 crore out of Rs one lakh investment in 4 years," said Modi in a speech telecast through 3D technology on Sunday.


The BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate was apparently referring to a recent report in a US newspaper about manifold increase in Vadra's fortunes in a short span.


Due to heavy rains and thunderstorms in several parts of Gujarat, at least four such 3D rallies were cancelled in the state, BJP sources said.


Modi praised BJP candidate from Amethi Smriti Irani for "making mataji" (Sonia) run towards" Amethi to save her son Rahul, the sitting MP from the Lok Sabha seat from where he is seeking re-election.


The Congress chief yesterday addressed a rally in the Gandhi family pocket borough in Uttar Pradesh after a gap of ten years.


"I congratulate Irani and party workers for keeping Sonia on her toes. Sonia is so frightened that she had to rush to Amethi to address a rally for Rahul and make an appeal to save her son (in polls)."


Further, Modi accused the Gandhi family of not doing anything for the poor, and only exercising and enjoying fruits of power.


"For them, India is 'mother's land'. But for us it is motherland. Since the time of Indira Gandhi, Congress is talking about the poor, but did nothing for them till date. For you (Rahul), poverty is just a photo-opportunity or a tourist destination, nothing else," he said.