PM must restore government credibility Tata

By: admin
Updated: 19 Jul 2012 04:32 AM

Tata group chairman Ratan Tata has said that Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh must restore government credibility and place the country
on a growth path once again by implementing promised reforms.

The chairman of the $100 billion conglomerate has also hit out at the
opposition, media and "some members of ruling party", saying it is
"grossly misdirected" to single out the prime minister and blame him for
the economic woes that the country is facing at present.

"Now is the moment in time our prime minister must break convention,
restore government credibility, place the country on a growth path once
again by implementing promised reforms, removing roadblocks to growth and
controlling crony capitalism," Tata tweeted.

He said "government action has been too little too late" as India has lost
growth momentum over the past 12 months with investment confidence
declining and inflation soaring.

"...but to single out and blame the prime minister is grossly
misdirected," Tata tweeted, saying he was "depressed to see the attacks on
India" and "felt obliged to express my feelings".

Throwing his weight behind Singh, Tata said: "It is sad and unfortunate
that in the past few months the Opposition, the media, some private
citizens and even some members of the ruling party have mercilessly spoken
and written about our prime minister -- a person who was the architect of
the '91 reforms, which brought economic prosperity and international
recognition to our country."

They have also chosen to overlook the fact that this warm-hearted prime
minister has led our country with great personal dignity and integrity,
Tata added.