Police claim to have vital clues in collectors abduction case

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Updated: 22 Apr 2012 02:08 AM

Chhattisgarh Police on Sunday claimed to have got some important clues in
the abduction case of Sukma district collector Alex Pal Menon by Naxals
who are yet to make any contact with the authorities.

Additional Director General of Police (anti-Naxal operations) Ram Nivas
said that the police has got some important clues but refused to elaborate
due to security reasons.

He said the police has quizzed the officials who had taken part in Gram
Suraj Abhiyan program at Majhipara village, during which 32-year-old Menon
was abducted on Saturday.

According to the officials who were present, some 50 ultras, including
women, approached the spot where the program was underway, and took away
Menon after shooting two of his guards dead.

Around 20 of them were armed, the officials told police. They first shot
guard Kishun Kujur. Another guard, Amjad Khan, returned the fire, in which
one of the Naxals was reportedly killed, while Khan too died in the
exchange of fire.

According to Ram Nivas, police suspect this to be the operation of
'Military' dalam of the Naxals, and most of those took part in the
operation were from Chhattisgarh.

Naxals had not made any demand in return for the release of the collector
so far, Ram Nivas said.

He also said that 32-year-old Menon suffered from asthma, and was not
carrying his medicines when he was abducted.

Meanwhile, chief minister Raman Singh said that state would try its best
to rescue Menon.

Asha Menon, the abducted officer's wife, has appealed to Naxals to release
her husband on humanitarian grounds, saying he was sick, and does not have
necessary medicines with him.

A special police team has been constituted for rescue efforts.

Menon's family said the officer was aware of the threat of possible kidnap
of officials in the region but that never deterred him from responding to
the call of duty.

"We heard that there were warnings about possible kidnap of senior
officials in that region. He was advised not to go out without security.
He was very careful. But he had to attend to his duties," Menon's
father-in-law Venugopal said.

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