Politics is Rahuls family business BJP

By: admin
Updated: 19 Jul 2012 06:23 AM

New Delhi: Soon
after Rahul Gandhi said he was looking for a more "proactive role" in
politics, the BJP said it was his "family business", and alleged that the
Congress general secretary was already "calling the shots" without any

"It is a family business. He already is active,
all what may happen is his nomenclature may change from general secretary
to something else," Bharatiya Janata Party leader Balbir Punj said.
Talking to reporters, Punj said Rahul was already active and "calling the
shots" without any responsibilities.

"He is calling the shots
without having any responsibility. If he takes a formal position, maybe he
will be responsible," Punj said. Party leader Nirmala Sitharaman said it
mattered little who would be where as there was no democracy within the
Congress. "It matters little who is going to be where. All we can say is
it is their business. There is no inner party democracy in Congress," she