Pranab Mukherjee not informed about MPs photo shoot

By: admin
Updated: 16 May 2012 01:12 AM

In a possible embarrassment for the UPA-government, Union
finance minister Pranab Mukherjee missed the MPs photo opportunity to
commemorate 60 years of Parliament after he was not informed.

Mukherjee is the leader of House in Lok Sabha and one of the most
important members of the UPA government.

Reacting to the faux pas, National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah said,
"We also noticed that he was not there. He should have been there. He
should have been informed about the photo session."

Pranab said that he didn't get any invitation for MPs photo opportunity.

Sources of Lok Sabha Secretary General's office said that the bulletin has
been sent to Pranab's office continuously since last 2-3 days. The
bulletin also had the information about the MPs photo opportunity. The
goof-up was done by Pranab's office.

Sources close to Pranab said that they don't have any information about
the bulletin and basic courtesy demands that they should have called him
to inform.

Mukherjee misses MPs photo shoot