Protesters clash with police at Vijay Chowk

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Updated: 22 Dec 2012 12:10 AM

New Delhi: Delhi police
which tried to exercise maximum restraint during the day turned aggressive
in the evening and used force to disperse thousands of protesters gathered
near Raisina Hill to protest against the rape of a 23-year-old girl on
Sunday night in the national capital.

Clashes between angry
protesters and the police intensified which led the police to resort to
heavy lathicharge at the zero-tolerance zone. Many of the students were
seen being injured and chanted slogans against Delhi Police for their
staunch action.

Protesters damaged a DTC bus and pelt stones at policemen. The crowds fury
was eminent with torn posters, empty water bottles and shreds of glass
strewn across the verdant lawns of Rajpath.

Police resorted to lathicharge five times since morning and used water
cannons to push back angry protesters.

Police, who were seen desperately trying to disperse the youths numbering
around 1,000, used water canons against the young protesters at Raisina
Hills to disperse them in the morning.

The protesters, however,
braved the water cannons in the winter chill and refused to leave the
high-security area. They continued to chant slogans demanding justice for
the 23-year-old victim.

Police also resorted to force and burst
tear gas shells against the young protesters to break their ranks. The
entire area was filled with tear gas. A police bus was damaged by the
protesters. Many of the injured were taken to RML hospital.

According to ABP News Sources, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde will not
be attending a function organized by the Intelligence Bureau today. As the
situation seems to have got out of control, Shinde is likely to meet the
Prime Minister later today.

Police has reduced its use of force as the protest has intensified and can
aggravate law and order problems. The government is ready to talk and is
currently deciding on the medium to negotiate with the protesters.

Police have arrested all the six accused in the case but public anger has
been swelling against the incident.

Victim is off
ventilator, communication better than yesterday
: Dr B D Athani,
medical superintendent, Safdarjung Hospital

•    She is
off ventilator. Breathing on her own
•    She is communicating
much better than yesterday
•    She has been given sips of water
and apple juice
•    Her WBC count is 2600 better than yesterday.
Platelet count is 20000 lower than yesterday
•    5.9 is
Bilirubin level. It has increased.
•    Our team is being
assisted by Dr Mishra from AIIMS
•    There are chances of other
•    Preliminary psychological examination conducted
Dr kuldeep and dr abilasha yadav conducted the examination


She is psychologically stable. She is responding normally
to questions. She is optimistic.

Dr Abilasha:
She is
very brave, positive and even about her future. Her biological functions
are good. She is composed and balanced.

The  victim today recorded her statement before a sub-divisional
magistrate about the Dec 16 incident.The young paramedical student, who is
in a critical condition at Safdarjung Hospital here Saturday "told the SDM
about the entire incident", said a police official, adding that her
statement is now admissible in court.

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