Rahuls escape velocity for Dalit empowerment

By: admin
Updated: 08 Oct 2013 02:39 AM

New Delhi: Congress Vice President
today said that the Dailt community needs “escape velocity” to succeed
in this country.

“In India, there is a concept of caste. If you belong to a particular
caste and need success, then you need to have a certain escape velocity to
attain that. If you are a Dalit, then to achieve success, you need the
escape velocity of Jupiter on this earth” , he said.

Escape velocity, in physics, is the speed an object requires to break free
of the gravitational pull of a body. It is a concept used in aerospace

By saying “Jupiter’s escape velocity”, the Congress Vice President
meant to convey the magnitude of it. Since, being the largest planet, the
escape velocity of Jupiter is the highest.

Rahul Gandhi made the comments during a national awareness camp on
Scheduled Caste empowerment Vigyan Bhavan on Tuesday.

He also attacked BSP chief Mayawatai, saying that she has not let new
Dalit leaders come up.

"In the second stage of the Dalit movement, the production of leaders
stopped, Mayawati-ji has captured the leadership and she does not let
people come up," said Rahul.

"Though it is her personal choice, it is a great time for Congress party
who has a history of working for Dalits," he added.

The Congress vice president also said that the Congress party, in a
systematic manner, will have Dalit leaders at the panchayat, legislative
and even the policy level.