Sadhvi Niranjan has apologised, House should now function: PM Modi says in Rajya Sabha

By: admin
Updated: 04 Dec 2014 06:39 AM


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said he strongly disapproves a controversial remark by Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti and urged the opposition not to disrupt the Rajya Sabha.

Making a statement in the house, which has been witnessing protests over Jyoti's remark, Modi said she is a first time Lok Sabha MP from a humble background and urged the members continue the work in national interest.

"Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti has apologised... the house should gracefully accept that and carry forward its business in national interest," Modi said in the upper house.

"I strongly disapprove it and have told MPs that they should be careful and avoid making such statements".

"...we should refrain from making such statements and using such language."


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