See Mumbai attack trial realistically Khar

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Updated: 07 Sep 2012 10:46 AM

Islamabad: "Terrorism
was mantra of the past, terrorism is not the mantra of future," said
Pakistan foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar on Friday ahead of her talks
with Indian counterpart S.M. Krishna, asking India to see the Mumbai
terror attack trial 'realistically' and not 'emotionally'.

also indicated that the new visa agreement will be inked during Krishna's

Asserting that Pakistan has sent some very 'serious
signals' in viewing India in different light and on moving with India in
various sectors, for instance trade relations, Khar said in an interview
that by doing this her country was 'breaking away from many positions we
have held'.

Making a strong pitch for the resumed dialogue
process to continue, she said, moving forward will mean "Pakistan and
India being able to sit around the dialogue table and convert the baby
steps into medium-sized strides, which I think is already happening, and
then big leaps forward and for that we need to change the mindset."

am appalled when I am told that terrorism continues to be an issue. Who
can tell me that terrorism is not an issue for Pakistan. And this is all
old-time (things)..."

The Minister said whatever has happened
before on today is past and we should not miss on opportunities to build
cooperation in future.

"I would be very sorry if Pakistan chose
to define its identity by hostile relations with India and vice-versa,"
she said.

On India's demand for early conclusion of the 26/11
trial, Khar said 'by repeating the same things again and again, issues are
not resolved'.

India should see the whole issue 'realistically',
keeping in mind the judicial process and not 'emotionally', she added.

also advocated that the two countries should build on the gains and
agreements made in the past on issues like Sir Creek and Siachen.

if she thought the liberalised visa pact will be signed during Krishna's
visit, Khar said "inshaallah (God willing). Should be."

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