Shivanand Tiwari rocks Nitish Kumars boat with Modi praise

By: admin
Updated: 29 Oct 2013 02:45 AM

Rajgir: JDU leader Shivanand Tiwari
has kicked up a storm in the party with his open praise of Narendra Modi.

Speaking at the ‘chintan shivr’ of the party here, Tiwari praised the
BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, even as party president Nitish Kumar
was present on stage.

When various party workers erupted in protest over his comments, he stuck
to his stand and stated that “I don’t fear speaking the truth.”

Earlier, speaking exclusively to ABP News, Tiwari had commented that
security at Modi’s rally in Patna had been lax. “Considering the
threat on Narendra Modi, many more precautions were needed,” he said.

His comments have sparked off various speculations as Nitish Kumar has
time and again cited Modi as the prime reason behind JDU’s break up with
the BJP.