Sting Operations : '80% of the stings are never made public but are used for blackmailing'

By: Kaveri Varma
Updated: 01 Mar 2016 12:53 PM

New Delhi: After AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal  suggested the 'aam aadmi' last year to make sting of anyone who is indulged in corruption and bring him to limelight , sting operations have got a life!  Recently, former  Congress MLA Asif Mohammad’s claim of a sting against AAP leader Sanjay Singh and Kejriwal  has done much better than a mere altercation- boost in the sales of spy cams across country and most in the capital itself.

Although Kejriwal would have never dreamed of such results of his suggestion to use spy cams but nevertheless it has benefited many companies due to ushering demand of spy cams apart from his own party members who are conducting stings on one another in the past few days. He might be regretting upon his utterance that also led to a sting on himself as well!

Sales of spy cams have sharply increased following the series of stings conducted by various political leaders. Finally the aam aadmi has also understood the importance of it. Out of the list 20 here are few widely used body worn spy cams. Starting from the nominal price of 700 they range upto 5000.

Pen Camera 700-3200 Rs
Button 800-1000 Rs
Watch 1600-3000 Rs

Glasses 3000-4500 Rs
Pen Drive 1500 onwards
Key chain 1400 onwards
Tie 3900 onwards
Ladies Purse 3900 onwards
Blue Tooth 4800 onwards

Chewing Gum 3500 onwards

There are many varieties in the above stated broad categories of spy cams.

[caption id="attachment_299267" align="alignnone" width="225"] Wrist watch spy camera[/caption]

Out of the above Wrist Watch is the one in demand these days. However, according to Dheeraj, a seller of spy cams says,  “people ask for the latest one as they are bored of the conventional spy cams. Pen and Button cameras are mostly demanded by people residing outside Delhi who are not much aware.”

Giving tips on factors to keep in mind while buying a spy cam, he tells the following-

  1. Purpose of your sting.

  2. Target person.

  3. Technicality of camera which depends upon its size.

  4. Options available.

  5. Professional or Unprofessional use.

Talking to ABP News , he tells “Political leaders send their representatives to purchase spy cams  but when they are unable to use it they call and ask about its operation”.

Spy cams are used by each section of our society, whether it is a corporate, individual or a politician. “ 80% of the stings are never made public. They are meant for blackmailing,pressurizing or as a proof for defence when required”, says renowned detective , owner of Aider detectives Pvt Ltd.

[caption id="attachment_299283" align="alignnone" width="300"] Sanjeev Deswal, Aider detectives Pvt Ltd.[/caption]

Talking to ABP News he advises to go through the profile of your target thoroughly beforehand in order to avoid any mishappenings.

Here is the process of conducting a sting

  1. Motive of the sting should be clear.

  2. Planning of strategy/ course of action.

  3. Detailed study of the target person.

  4. Study of the place where sting is to conducted.

  5. Preparing of questionnaire.

  6. Demo of sting.

According to Deswal, “ In order to conduct a successful sting 3 most important things which are indispensable includes-best strategy, best planning and best high-end equipments.

He also adds that generally he encounters people having marriage problems or want to expose a government servant, an employee in office or females facing harassment of their bosses.

[caption id="attachment_299291" align="alignnone" width="261"] Key ring spy cam[/caption]


People mistake sting for conversation recorded on cell phones' recorder or camera but sting is a much wider subject. Its is always well-planned in advance and includes audio as well as video of our target person.

Sting is generic terms can be described as “exposing the disguised face of a person via audio/video media.”

[caption id="attachment_299298" align="alignnone" width="300"] Tie spy camera[/caption]

So, for any of you who is planning a sting should always study the pros and cons of it. Unprofessional people need to remain more cautious as greater the benefits of it, greater is the risk!

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