UK victim of 2008 Mumbai attacks suing Taj Hotel

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Updated: 25 Nov 2013 10:56 PM

London: A British man paralysed
during the deadly Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 is suing the owners of the
Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, alleging that they did not properly secure the
building despite warnings that an attack was imminent.

Lawyers for Will Pike said today that they are bringing a civil claim for
damages at London's High Court against the Indian Hotels Company Ltd, part
of Indian conglomerate Tata Group.

The century-old luxury hotel was a key site during the days-long assault
on Mumbai landmarks, which began five years ago Tuesday and left more than
160 people dead. Hundreds of guests were staying at the hotel when gunmen
entered, spraying gunfire and setting rooms ablaze.

Pike's lawyer said that in a 2008 CNN interview, the then-chairman of the
Tata Group confirmed that the hotel had been warned.

"Clear warnings were received by the hotel that an attack was being
conceived and they were a target," said Russell Levy.

"Despite that they did not put in security measures that would have made
the terrorists choose a different target, or prevent them from being able
to mount the attack in the way they did."

Levy said Pike, 33, was spending the last night of a holiday in India with
his girlfriend at the hotel on Nov 26, 2008 when they heard gunfire from
other rooms and saw smoke coming out from the floor below.

The pair sought to escape through the window by climbing down knotted
bedding and curtains, but Pike fell to the ground from the third floor and
became paralysed.

A High Court hearing is scheduled to take place on Dec. 2 to determine
whether Pike's case can go forward in Britain.