Which ‘Ram’ will be the next general secretary of CPM

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Updated: 14 Apr 2015 02:46 AM
Vishakhapatnam: A "RAM" is going to be the next general secretary of CPM but which RAM between the two leading the race for the top party post will be known on 19th April. The two names are Sitaram and Ramchandran. While Sitaram Yechury is Parliamentary Party leader and in the Politburo for the last 25 years, S Ramchandran Pillai is in charge of the party organisation and came into the politburo the same year when Yechury was inducted.

The 21st Party Congress of the CPM will start tomorrow in Visakhapatnam. Prakash Karat who completes 3 terms as the Party General Secretary will make way for a new General secretary. The party constitution does not permit more than 3 terms for the secretary at District, State and National level.


Among the 2 front runners, Yechury is leading the race for the top post of the party who is considered a moderate face and enjoys support of the Bengal Unit of the Party. A few weeks back when ABP Ananda had asked Karat, Will Sitaram Yechury be the next General Secretary of the Party, He had replied - "Anything is possible". Yechury sitting beside him intervened with a smile on his face and said - "The New central committee of the Party at the Party Congress will decide"


Leaders close to Yechury are apprehensive that their Kerala comrades may spring a surprise and support S Ramchandran Pillai who also hails from the same state. Ramchandran Pillai is the oldest member in the Politburo, the highest decision making body of the Party. Prakash Karat was also in charge of the organisation before being promoted to the highest post. A section of the party in Andhra Pradesh is also not inclined to support Yechury.


Under these circumstances, the deciding factor could be the outgoing General Secretary and senior of Yechury in JNU, Prakash Karat to rally the Kerala comrades in support of Yechury. Since its formation the Party has always elected its General Secretary with consensus.


The party has won maximum number of seats in Lok Sabha elections under the leadership of Harkishan Singh Surjeet in 2004 with more than 40 seats. Karat took over in 2005 and since then Lok Sabha numbers have been going down. The current strength in the lower house is the lowest in Party History. It also lost the 34 years of Left rule in Bengal in 2011.


Though the Communists don't believe in God, with KRISHNA in his name, Harkishan Singh Surjeet got the maximum success for the party. With a RAM becoming next General Secretary, the largest communist party of India needs all support to regain the lost ground, specially in West Bengal. The party congress is starting on Poila Boisakh, the Bengali New Year day.


Apart from electing general secretary, the party will also make room for new members in the Politburo. Budhadeb Bhattacharya, Nirupam Sen and K R Vardarajan are likely to be relieved from the PB. Budhadeb had written to the Party in the last Party Congress in 2012 requesting to be relived from PB but the Bengal unit insisted that he should be kept into the body. He has not attended any PB meeting outside Kolkata since then. Nirupam Sen and K R Vardarajan are likely to be dropped on health grounds.


Md Salim is certain to find a place in the Politburo. He is the Party's minority face in Bengal and deputy leader of the Party in Lok Sabha. CPM sources confirmed that Among Hannan Mollah, Madan Ghosh and Subhasini Ali, 2 May get entry into the Politburo. Mollah is a 7 times former MP and General Secretary of the Farmers front of the Party. Subhasini Ali, contested unsuccessfully from Barackpore in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Bengal unit of the party is also in favour of Madan Ghosh.