Indian Paranormal Society founder choked himself to death with his own hands?

By: ABP News Bureau
Updated: 12 Jul 2016 04:48 AM
New Delhi: According to forensic reports, the Indian Paranormal Society founder, Gaurav Tiwari, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his flat in Dwarka last week, choked himself to death with his own hands.

Can a normal man muster up the courage to strangle himself to death?

Gaurav Tiwari's death continues to puzzle the police, the forensic experts and his family alike. About a month ago, the paranormal investigator had told his wife that a 'negative force' was pulling him away and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't control it.

Reportedly, the police have found a dark mark around the 32-year-old's neck and suspect that the mark could have been caused by Gaurav's attempts to strangle himself either by hanging himself from the shower or by using his own hands to choke himself.

This abnormal suspicion has prompted the police to understand if Tiwari had shown any atypical behaviour lately. Reportedly, Gaurav had a quarrel with his wife the night before he died and had apparently, broken his phone by throwing it across the room out of anger.

The deceased's family had told the police that it was after hearing a loud thud sound from the bathroom, did they rush to find Gaurav's unconscious body. The cops presume that this sound could have been of the body hitting the floor after the hanger with which Gaurav may have hanged himself broke because of the weight.

Tiwari's death continues to remain a mystery for the moment but what seems to be certain is that Gaurav was a happy man who was content with what he was doing. Just 17 hours before his death, he had expressed his excitement on Twitter on being featured on the cover of a magazine.