Newlywed woman files for divorce after finding hubby's penis 'too big to handle'

By: admin
Updated: 09 Mar 2015 11:21 AM
London: A newlywed woman filed for separation only a week after marriage after she found her husband's penis to be "too large" to bear.


Aisha Dannupawa, a mother-of-three, has asked a court for an annulment from her new husband Ali Maizinari, citing her new husband's package as the sole reason, the Daily Star reported.


Dannupawa, who moved in to his husband's place in Zamfara State, Nigeria, had trouble when they had sex for the first time, and described the experience as a "nightmare."


She said that it was painful, and she told her mother, who gave her some medication, telling her to endure it, promising that it would get better with time.




However, the second attempt was just as bad.


The well-endowed hubby has too admitted that he had a sizeable penis, adding that he was only willing to dissolve the union if his dowry was repaid.


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