Ladnun Constituency

Manohar Singh
WON by margin of 23051 votes

Ladnun (GEN) is a State Assembly/Vidhan Sabha constituency in the Nagaur district and Marwad region of Rajasthan and is a part of the Ladnun Parliamentary/Lok Sabha constituency.
The constituency comprises of a total of 200577 voters.
BJP, Manohar Singh (73345 votes) won this seat in the 2013 Rajasthan Assembly Elections by a margin of 23051 votes. Runner-up Harjiram Burdak of the INC had secured 50294 votes.
Third position was held by Premaram of IND who secured 6246 votes.
Fourth position was held by Hariram Mehrada of BA S D who secured 2589 votes.
Total voter turnout was 143677. The total poll percentage recorded was 71.63 %.

Party Candidate Name Votes %Votes
BJP Manohar Singh 73345 51
INC Harjiram Burdak 50294 35
IND Premaram 6246 4.3
BA S D Hariram Mehrada 2589 1.8
Total No. of voters: 200577 | Poll%: 71.63%
Voting Result:

BJP candiate Manohar Singh won by margin of 23051 votes.

  • 143677 (71.63%)
  • BJP (51%)
  • INC (35%)
  • IND (4.3%)
  • Others (1.8%)