Weir Constituency

Bahadur Singh
WON by margin of 13423 votes

Weir (SC) is a State Assembly/Vidhan Sabha constituency in the Bharatpur district and Dhundhar region of Rajasthan and is a part of the Weir Parliamentary/Lok Sabha constituency.
The constituency comprises of a total of 211665 voters.
BJP, Bahadur Singh (53649 votes) won this seat in the 2013 Rajasthan Assembly Elections by a margin of 13423 votes. Runner-up Om Prakash Pahadiya of the INC had secured 40226 votes.
Third position was held by Atar Singh Pagariya of BSP who secured 36911 votes.
Fourth position was held by Mahendra Singh of NPEP who secured 11034 votes.
Total voter turnout was 147460. The total poll percentage recorded was 69.67 %.

Party Candidate Name Votes %Votes
BJP Bahadur Singh 53649 36.4
INC Om Prakash Pahadiya 40226 27.3
BSP Atar Singh Pagariya 36911 25
NPEP Mahendra Singh 11034 7.5
Total No. of voters: 211665 | Poll%: 69.67%
Voting Result:

BJP candiate Bahadur Singh won by margin of 13423 votes.

  • WEIR
  • 147460 (69.67%)
  • BJP (36.4%)
  • INC (27.3%)
  • BSP (25%)
  • Others (7.5%)