Adnan livid at reports suggesting emotional trauma

By: admin
Updated: 27 Oct 2013 07:21 AM

Mumbai: Reports of Pakistani singer
Adnan Sami breaking down and pleading before the service tax officials who
grilled him on Tuesday, have left the singer amused and livid too, not to
mention extremely embarrassed.

"First of all I wasn't grilled at all. The questioning was very cordial
and mellow. Yes, it took time because it involved scrutiny of a lot of
paper work. I had gone with all my relevant papers prepared to answer all
the questions," said Sami.

"And I have to say Sameer Wankhede (deputy commissioner, service tax
department) was very gracious polite and attentive. There was absolutely
no stress. Where is the question of melodrama and hysterics?" he added.

He demanded to know where and how the details of what transpired during
his meeting with the service tax official.

"It was a closed-door private governmental meeting. How could any
journalist ever know what happened there, unless someone informs them? And
in this case this is obviously not the case, as a lot of mawkish drama has
been added on to my meeting with Sameer Wankhede," said Sami.

The Britain-born wonders if the person he read about on Wednesday morning
was actually he!

"I am supposed to have broken down and pleaded for time. I am also
supposed to have said I've no work except one Sanjay Gupta film. Firstly,
if I had no work then what would I be doing in India? Secondly, pleading
whining for time to pay up...that isn't me. Those who know me are laughing
their heads off.

"Unfortunately, those who don't know me - and that's the majority of the
people out there - would read this melodramatic bilge and presume I am
this weakling who can't take the blows," he said.

Sighing deeply, he protests: "For the last four years my former wife has
been showering harassment on me. I have not once broken down. Why would I
break down in front of government officials? They are just doing their job
and doing it politely.

"My duty is to go by the Indian laws. That's exactly what I am doing. As
for turning my problems into a soap opera, I can only say I am glad I am
providing entertainment to some people out there with more than just my