Anil Kapoor's INTERESTING bit on Aamir Khan's cameo in 24 season 2! READ HERE...

By: sharibs
Updated: 10 Jun 2016 10:58 AM
The exciting trailer of Anil Kapoor's serial '24' Season 2 is already out. The actor who is back as Anti-Terrororism Squad agent Jai Singh Rathore shared an interesting information about Aamir Khan's cameo in the serial.

Earlier, there were reports that Aamir Khan Actor Aamir Khan might soon be seen as a special guest in Anil Kapoor’s ’24’ season 2. The hit crime thriller, which will be continued this year, had several Bollywood stars like Anupam Kher,Shabana Azmi, Rahul Khanna and Richa Chaddha amongst others in special appearances last year.

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Anil Kapoor said, ''To be honest with you, with Aamir, we’d have to have two Jack Bowers. I’d love for him to be part of the show and I’m sure if I request him, he’ll never say no to me to grace our show. But you know 24 is a show that whoever comes on it needs to do it organically. It’s not a show that depends on these things.''

He added, ''If you see me also or all the other actors, all of us are playing characters on the show. It’s not star driven show. So if there’s a character on the show that fits anyone, we’d try our best to get that person on board.''



WOW! Aamir Khan in Anil Kapoor’s ’24’ season 2!