Bollywood Celebs Protest Against Brutal Nilgai Killing In Bihar

Raveena Tandon and Esha Gupta protested against the cruel act of a nilgai being buried alive in Bihar a few days back.

Bollywood Celebs Protest Against Brutal Nilgai Killing In Bihar
Updated: 07 Sep 2019 10:19 PM
Mumbai: Bollywood stars are protesting against the cruel act of a nilgai being buried alive in Bihar a couple of days ago. A disturbing video of the act has been doing the rounds on social media, showing how a nilgai is being mercilessly pushed into a pit and covered with earth with a JCB machine.

"Heartless inhumane b.......... whoever behind this decision. hope karma gets back doublefold," Raveena Tandon reacted on Twitter.

Esha Gupta took to Instagram to share the video and her views: "Trust me, even I don't want to see this, but we can't turn a blind eye towards cruelty."

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TRUST ME, EVEN I DONT WANT TO SEE THIS, BUT WE CANT TURN A BLIND EYE TOWARDS CRUELTY #repost How Low Can We Get? Shocking! Video Shows Authorities Burying A Nilgai Alive In Bihar! Cases of animal brutality are becoming common everyday. Especially cases of Indian municipalities being extremely careless and insensitive towards are really surprising. Another such shocking incident this time from Bihar, has come to light. Reportedly a large number of nilgai (Blue bull/antelope) were shot by shooters hired by the forest department in Vaishali district of Bihar. Most of the nilgais did on the spot; the department has reportedly claimed of killing over 300 nilgai in the past four days. However, an injured nilgai suffered an end more brutal that death. A video has been going viral on Twitter which show A JCB machine mercilessly pushing a nilgai into a hole… to be buried. The video shows the entire ordeal, how the nilgai was thrown into the pit and covered with mud, literally buried alive. Apparently farmers in the area complain of their crops being destroyed by the nilgais. So an initiative was taken by Vaishali MLA Rajkishore Singh, with the cooperation of the state government and local administration to hire a professional shooter to carry out the killings. Since the video went into circulation, Singh reportedly questioned its veracity and reportedly called it "fabricated video". Later, Singh reportedly said, "This incident didn't happen under my watch. I would not have allowed it to happen if I knew it. I had requested the DM to call the shooter and kill the Nilgais to reduce their numbers, after which forest department shooter came and shot Nilgais in many villages. The live burial is inhumane and I condemn it. Authorities will take the necessary actions." video source ~@animal_liberations caption ~ Shreya Chauhan ( India ) #himalayasin

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As per reports, nilgais are being killed by farmers in Bihar's Vaishali district because they have been allegedly damaging crops. It is being reported that the government has ordered the killing of 300 nilgais in the state. A lot of nilgais have also been allegedly shot by the forest department.

The particular nilgai filmed in the video was first shot and then pushed into the pit.

Cruelty towards animals is, unfortunately, turning into a regular incident in India. Another ruthless incident happened to a stray dog. Recent reports suggest a Hyderabad school watchman tied a stray dog to his two-wheeler and dragged it for about a kilometre. The video has gone viral on social media.

Reacting to a tweet on the same by Sachin Bangera, Director of Celebrity and Public Relations, PETA India, actress Pooja Bhatt tweeted, "Fire this person? No. That's certainly no cure to this sick mindset. He will do this to a child next. Majority of people who abuse animals end up abusing human beings as well. This needs to be taken up by the highest authorities. Action must be taken by the police."

Dogs seem to be the most common target of cruelty towards animals. Recently, a stray dog was beaten mercilessly by the security guards of a building in Mumbai. The dog was beaten with iron rods after it tried to take shelter in the building as it was raining heavily.