Dying to do a music-based film Irrfan Khan

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Updated: 27 Oct 2013 09:23 PM

Abu Dhabi: Irrfan Khan never fails to
surprise - certainly not when he says he will be ready to sing or play an
instrument if a movie allows him to! The Indian actor is an ardent music
lover and says he is yearning to feature in a film which lets him explore
this love of his life, and perhaps lend him a chance to learn the

"I'm dying to do a film about music. I want to do such
a film so that I can live sometime with music, through which I can explore
music," Irrfan said during a masterclass at the ongoing Abu Dhabi
International Film Festival.

"I'm finding an excuse to live with
music for sometime now. I love music of all kinds - classical, pop,
jazz...whatever. Singing or playing an instrument...anything will do. I
can always learn how to play an instrument. I have always desired to learn
how to play the saxophone someday," he added.

Well, that's not
the only thing on the wishlist of this versatile actor, whose stupendous
performance as a Sikh in post-partition drama "Qissa" has once again given
the global audience a chance to sit up and take notice of his talent.

want to do a film for children, I want to connect to children. I want to
do a great action film and yes, also romantic films...Oh god, I feel like
I've just started acting. But that's what it is about... I want to do
wonderful films which people cherish for years to come," he said.

a different thing that he has already been delivering films like "The
Namesake", "Maqbool", "Life In A...Metro", "Paan Singh Tomar" and "The
Lunchbox", which have such memorable performances from the actor. "Qissa",
when it releases, will surely add to the list.

Plus, Irrfan's
international credentials are no less - "A Mighty Heart","Slumdog
Millionaire", "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "Life of Pi".

between Hollywood, Bollywood and the independent film scene of India - how
does he set an equilibrium in life while doing different things?

different things sets the equilibrium. Everytime you take up something
new, it relieves you and gives you freshness. In fact, if you do one kind
of thing all the time, then the question of finding an equilibrium arises.
I have been fortunate to be able to different things," said the actor,
who, as a child, couldn't even muster the courage to pronounce his name to
his teacher.

"Nobody ever imagined I would become an actor. I was
so shy," he said as she shared his story of conquering his fears and
becoming the global star that he is today.