Farah Khan's favorite 'Bigg Boss' winner pays her a visit while she is recovering from leg fracture

By: Shruti Srivastava
Updated: 28 May 2018 10:22 PM
Director-Choreographer Farah Khan has been wheelchair bound since a long time and the celebrities from Television and Film industry keep visiting her to cheer her up while she nurses her fractured foot, the injury she had reportedly sustained during a TV show shoot last month end.

The latest to visit her was - in her own words  "my favorite Bigg Boss winner" - Gautam Gulati who had won Season 8 of the biggest reality show.

Farah posted a picture of Gautam sitting on her wheelchair and captions it - "My boy “ gullu “ @welcometogauthamcity cms bearing Jo Malone goodies😄 nothing cheers me up more.. my favourite bigg boss winner n jo malone..#wheelchairdiaries"

Gautam reposted Farah's insta post and wrote back to her - "Your Gullu loves you Mam and like I said earlier the #wheelchairdiaries trp,s are more than any of the show on tv right now 🙈😂😬 #Repost@farahkhankunder with @get_repost"

Farah Khan comes with fractured leg along with her triplets at Sonam Kapoor's Sangeet & Mehndi!

Farah's wheelchair and the #wheelchairdiaries over past 3 weeks have been a thing on social media as she keeps posting pictures-videos of all the friends from the fraternity posing with it during their visit at her place. See MORE pics at bottom!

And we aren't surprised that she called Gautam (who created 'We love, we love Gauti' for himself during one task) her favorite since she hosted the extended version of Season 8 called 'Bigg Boss - Halla Bol' for a month before he was declared the winner. Salman Khan had to leave for the shoot of 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' then.

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Here's a look at the #wheelchairdiaries from injured Farah's home:

The work out wheelchair @guruchoudhary does triceps!! 😂

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