Hollywood star Paris Hilton to televise her wedding!

Hollywood star Paris Hilton to televise her wedding!
By: admin
Updated: 13 Jun 2018 10:15 AM
Socialite Paris Hilton has hinted that she will televise her wedding to her fiance Chris Zylka. The hotel heiress, who starred in "The Simple Life" with Nicole Richie 10 years ago, could make her return to reality TV as she is inundated with offers from networks, reports eonline.com. "We've been getting a lot of calls and a lot of offers from different networks, pitching that show so maybe," Hilton said.  "I think that's just the next step in life," Hilton said when asked about expanding her family.

"I definitely want to have some cousins for Nicky's babies to play with and I can't wait to have kids. It's the best feeling in the world just to find the one person who is your best friend. I trust him so much. He's so supportive and loving and like an angel. I feel like he saved me. I can't imagine my life with anyone else."