Hrithik gifts himself Rolls Royce on birthday?

Updated: 11 Jan 2016 01:39 PM


Mumbai: Actor Hrithik Roshan, who believes one should enjoy the "material as well as spiritual" sides of life, is said to have gifted himself a Rolls Royce on his 42nd birthday.

Asked about owning a Rolls Royce, Hrithik, who celebrated his birthday on Sunday, said: "In life, one should enjoy both sides, material as well as spiritual equally. That is the true balance one should try and maintain."


How does he maintain the balance?

"Some think that material is not important, but that is not true. One should party, go to gym, spend good time with friends and enjoy. I do all this," he said.


The "Krrish" also said since this birthday started on a "very happy note, so this year will be full of happy things. I am feeling very happy and enthusiastic. So something very special will happen this year."

Hrithik also spoke about how he has changed over the years.


"I was very shy as a kid, but as now this transition from being shy and introvert to kind of spreading joy and love... is a good sign of growth. I have done well," said the father of two boys.